Hello pet lovers!

This blog is the place to find a gift for pet lovers or for yourself. All items listed here are inspired by pets, mostly cats and dogs! 

These lovely products are available through well known large retail stores like Zazzle or Amazon. I am including Etsy because I love handmade products. Most products I show are created by designers, illustrators,photographers and crafters.

If you have a store on Zazzle or Etsy and have products dog or cat related, you can let me know! I'll be pleased to show it here!I'm always looking for the best I can find on the web!

As I am on Zazzle and Amazon Affiliate programs I can earn some royalties if you make a buy. I don't earn anything from Etsy, I am just showing it because I love handmade and I think you'll like me to list nice 100% handmade things aswell.

If by any means you don't want your product to be featured here all you have to do is let me know and I'll remove it. 

Suggestions are welcome!

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